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“The training was amazing, I learnt and gathered a lot than I bargained for, really loved it.”

– MAHLULELI GOODSON, (Risk based IT & Financial Auditing)

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Agricultural Value Chain Financing Strategies and Design Masterclass Training Summit

DATE: 20th – 24th February 2023 –riverside hotel - Durban. Republic of south africa

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Value chain finance for agriculture has become a topic of interest for most Agribusiness sectors and other development agencies. It is an approach that is increasingly being applied by financial institutions and those actively participating or involved in promoting and developing value chains. The term “value chain finance” (VCF) refers to the use of a value chain and the way in which it supports participants by tailoring services and products to one or more points in a value chain in order to reduce the risk and cost of financing, and increase the efficiency of the value chain as a whole.

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advanced risk based It auditing special practical summit

DATE: 27th – 3rd March 2023 – premier hotel - johannesburg, republic of south africa

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The Risk Based IT Auditing Master Class is a comprehensive 5 days course providing delegates with practical approaches to auditing IT. Delegates specific business environment will be used to deepen understanding of internal auditing. The course covers how to document relevant entity specific System Description, Performing Risk Assessment Control Matrix (RACM), Test Procedures (Audit Programs), Work Paper, Findings / Management Letter Points and Reporting.

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cobit, itil & iso - framework design and implementation masterclass summit


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The purpose of this training is to give your organization a deep understanding of ISO, ITIL and COBIT framework for managing and governing your enterprise IT environment, framework implementation and selection. We will take a comprehensive review of ITIL, ISO and COBIT 2019 design and implementation to provide an end-to-end business perspective for IT governance and reflects the role of IT in creating value for your enterprise. In particular, emphasis will be placed on identifying your organization’s current status in relation to IT governance,

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