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“The training was amazing, I learnt and gathered a lot than I bargained for, really loved it.”

– MAHLULELI GOODSON, (Risk based IT & Financial Auditing)

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DATE: 25TH – 29TH julY 2022Swakopmund, Namibia

DATE: 3rd – 7th OCTOBER 2022 – Zanzibar, TANZANIA  

DATE: 14th – 18th NOVEMBER 2022 –CAPE TOWN, sa

Whether your business is large or small, mastering the art of corporate communication and Knowledge Management can truly separate you from the competition. Understanding the pitfalls of failed corporate communication strategies and knowing how to leverage Knowledge in your central system using 21st century technology solutions to deliver more value makes a huge difference in today’s hyper- competitive business climate.

This workshop will give participants the tools, Methods, Strategy development steps, Design and implementation Roadmap that is highly needed to begin implementing Intranets and integrating knowledge management systems in your organization, no matter what the size of the company or the budget. We will provide the best approach that fits your capabilities with the same positive impact to your organization. Wherever there are humans working together for one goal, there is knowledge to be harvested, stored, and dispensed as needed, with a communication and collaboration tool, you will deliver a technology platform that will bring positive change in your organization.

As a value added Information systems platform, we deliver our promise. You will leave with a prototype system and a clear implementation roadmap to get your KM integrated Intranet accepted in your organization.

ALTE BRUCKE Holiday resort, Swakopmund, Namibia

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DATE: 22nd – 26th August 2022 – livingstone, zambia

DATE: 19th – 23rd September 2022 – Nairobi, Kenya

DATe: 21st – 25th November2022 – cape town, SA

The purpose of this training is to expose IT and Non IT professionals, knowledge and Information workers and generally all Computer users to the essentials of digital assets, information and Cyber security. This training is specifically designed for todays’ computer and information users who use the internet and the www extensively to work, study and play.

This training will illustrate how digital devices, information processing, communications and data can be protected for confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Many times, the most vulnerable area of a company is the lack of understanding of the potential cybersecurity threats by employees, including upper management. This training is aimed at combating those threats, as it is important for companies to establish a security culture that takes threats seriously and promotes systematic processes that teach people how to protect the information they work with every day. Additionally, this training will illustrate how it is essential to have Cybersecurity awareness training policies and procedures in place, that are always an essential tool used to comply with mandatory IT security audits. This training program is aimed at equipping the participants with the necessary knowledge and skills required by Information workers in relation to Cybersecurity and Cybercrime. It will also equip them with the necessary knowledge required to protect their information and Digital assets.

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Network Security and Penetration Testing - Be a Network Security Specialist today!

DATE: 1st - 5TH august 2022 – Swakopmund- Namibia

DATE: 10th – 14th OCTOBER 2022 – Zanzibar - TANZANIA  

DATE: 14th – 18th NOVEMBER2022 –johannesburg, Sa

This network security course fully arms you to address the information security concerns within the organization for data protection. You will gain in-depth understanding on the network hacking tools usage and how to conduct the network penetration testing in a careful, and professional manner. This course will also demonstrate various network hacking techniques as well as penetration testing methodologies to help you identify network security vulnerabilities.

We will take a deep focus on Open-box pen test, Closed-box pen test, Covert pen test, External pen test and Internal pen test. The purpose of this masterclass training is to equip Professionals with proven methods used to identify security issues before hackers can locate them and perform an exploit. We will use best practice used to conduct the best Pen tests to identify and confirm actual security threats and report on the manner in which the security issues can be located and exploited by hackers. We are very confident that after completion of this. Masterclass training, you will leave with proven methods and ready skills to apply on the live environment, advanced pen test skills that will able you locate weaknesses in your security model. We will ensure that your business can achieve a balance between maintaining the best network security possible and ensuring ongoing business functions in terms of possible security exploits. This course is highly practical, even thought you do not need to have any hacking skills we will make sure we

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