Expert skills for procurement people are important for new supply chain management performance evaluation as it directly affect the organization procurement performance and cost management. The emphasis of this 5 days practical oriented training summit is to impart expertized skillset and to examine the direct relationship of cost management, cost leadership in production, brand and service innovations, defect product reduction in supply chain, profit increasing for stakeholders, flexibility skills for merger and procurement, ethics and compliance, production and service systems.

Gain a global perspective on procurement and supply chain management by engaging with professionals from diverse industries and geographical locations. Understand how different regions and markets approach procurement challenges and adapt their strategies accordingly.

About the workshop

This 5 days masterclass summit is designed to provide delegates with a profound understanding of procurement and supply chain management advanced skillset, and added value on price negotiations, this masterclass summit will introduce delegates to new advanced tools and concepts of Procurement and Supply Chain Management: Contexts of procurement and supply, Business needs in procurement and supply, Sourcing in procurement and supply, Negotiating and contracting in procurement and supply as well as Managing contracts and relationships in procurement and supply.

Focusing on important skills to gain the advantage in procurement and provide guidelines for advanced procurement and supply chain management which will allow all our delegates to avoid possible common faults such as;

  • Focusing only on price and margin.
  • Contract risk in awarding time idlers providers
  • Being overly competitive and many more.

We have done an extensive research on the entire content to provide an updated profound skillset to better procurement and supply chain and to reflect on changes such as contract risk, EU Procurement Regulations, category management, procurement strategies and world-class processes in dealing with procurement.

This masterclass summit will provide the winning steps to procurement and supply chain negotiations which is one of the key skills in this training, we focus on;

  • Time: Learn the skills to save time in negotiation process become a proficient negotiator in procurement and supply chain approach.
  • Style and personality: Gain the best personality and negotiating style, in this masterclass summit we will look at all key factors in building rapport and managing behaviors in negotiation. Skilled negotiators tend to be unpredictable. Match the opposition to build better rapport.
  • Mapping: This is an important skill you will learn. Get the best procedures in mapping out all the possible questions, agendas and responses that could occur before entering the meeting.
  • Defined targets: Learn the procedures to better define the target for each variable. This masterclass will provide you with a clear goal to outset control process up to settlement point with providers in the supply chain.
  • Statement: learn best practices to build a clear, well-rehearsed opening statement, set a tone for how you wish your opponent perceived the negotiation process.

Workshop Benefits

Expert Insights: Gain valuable insights from industry experts and thought leaders who will share their knowledge, experiences, and success stories in the field of procurement and supply chain management.

Advanced Strategies: Learn advanced strategies and techniques to optimize procurement processes, streamline supply chains, and enhance operational efficiency in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

Networking Opportunities: Engage with fellow professionals, establish valuable connections, and expand your professional network through interactive sessions, group discussions, and networking events.

Best Practice Sharing: Discover best practices and innovative approaches adopted by leading organizations in procurement and supply chain management and explore how these practices can be implemented in your own professional context.

Interactive Workshops: Participate in hands-on workshops where you will apply learned concepts to real-world scenarios, engage in group activities, and solve practical challenges under the guidance of industry experts.

  • Understand best practices that help achieve value for money solutions in procurement
  • Offer expert advice and best practices guidance to main stakeholders on the application of the sourcing process
  • Understand supply chains which organizations operate in
  • Understand options that should be explored when procurement and supply
  • personnel are involved in defining requirements
  • Procedures to Sourcing goods or services from external suppliers
  • Achieve negotiated agreements with external organizations
  • Recognize the use of legal terms that should regulate commercial agreements
  • Apply methods to improve supplier performance, recognizing the need for a structured approach when dealing with performance and relationship issues
  • Identify sound approaches to sourcing activities that assess the commercial and technical capabilities of organizations to help achieve the right choice of supplier
  • Apply a set of appropriate tools and techniques that can assess sourcing options available to organizations when procuring goods, services or works from external suppliers
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Who Should Participate This Training?

This Masterclass Summit is recommended for supply chain and procurement practitioners, both in private and public sector, as well as individuals who would like to write the international standards and best practices in dealing with procurement and supply chain procedures. This include
• Small Business owners
• Procurements Managers
• Procurement and Supply chain personnel
• Supply Chain Managers
• C-Level Managers in charge of Procurement
• Human Resources Management
• Public Relations
• Financial Accounting
• Cost and Management Accounting
• Marketing Management
• Supply Chain Quality Management Personnel

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Event Option: 1  Face to Face Hotel Exc.

5 days summit = USD 2,500.00 include, round trip airport transfer, conference documentation, tours, lunch, Certification and limited refreshments.

Event options: 1 Face to Face Hotel Inc.

5 days summit = USD 3,550.00 per delegate include 6 nights bed & breakfast, round trip airport transfer, tours, lunch, dinner, conference documentation, Certification and limited refreshments.

 Event options: 2 Per Day Virtual

This option is designed for delegates that cannot manage to attend the full 5 days as option 1, for your convenience option 2 allows you to pick days suitable to your schedule. Per 1-day virtual instructor-led training  = USD 130.00 per delegate.

Event Option: 2  Full 5 Days Virtual

5-days virtual instructor-led training discounted = USD 500.00 per delegate.