This 5-day virtual instructor-led masterclass training session is designed to provide our delegates with a value-added skill set and profound understanding of both internal and external Agricultural value chain finance (AVCF)

Agricultural value chain finance is contributing to the rise and meeting the growing needs for agricultural finance and investments in response to greater consumer demands. Agricultural value chain finance is now a prerequisite for more processed, amplified consumer supplies or value added merchandises. From a development perspective, governments and support agencies must ensure that the financial systems in their countries are able to meet these demands arising from the growth of modern agro-food value chains. Agricultural value chain finance (AVCF) is an approach to finance that is able to support and address these productions.

GrowthLab and its partners have mastered the skill set of AVCF and this 5 days’ workshop is going to transform and provide value added proficiency to all its delegates. The main aim of this Seminar is to help those involved in development agencies, governmental organisations to understand:

❖ The best way to develop and implement a strategy that will strengthen priority value chains through interventions which addresses the capacity needs, financing, policy and support infrastructure.

❖ The transformation of agriculture and modern value chains how this knowledge can be used to benefit the processes of financial access and delivery.

❖ How to develop value chain financial services in a way that they benefit all kinds of farmers and agribusiness firms within value chains and the country as a whole.

❖ Understanding Agricultural value chain finance as an approach.

❖ Immeasurable tolerant lending applied to value chain financing that embrace character, capacity, capital, collateral and conditions.

About the workshop

The primary goal and advantage of attending this 5 days master class seminar, is to create or strengthen a competitive improvement, through analysing the five primary value chain activities that ensures the significance of its creation exceeds the cost to create that value. The five value chain activities we’re going to focus on are operations, service, inbound logistics, and outbound logistics, marketing and sales. We take an in-depth focus on:
❖ Internal value chain finance and lending techniques that works
❖ External value chain finance, customizing processes and lending methods
❖ Identifying the financing needed to strengthen the chain
❖ Reducing financial transaction costs through the direct discounting of loan payments at the time of product sale, creating a methodology that works.
❖ Modifying financial products to suit the needs of the participants in the chain
❖ Using value chain linkages and knowledge of the chain to mitigate risks to the chain and its partners
❖ Value chain characteristics
❖ Value chain analysis
❖ Value chain financing
It should be noted that Agricultural value chain finance is not a development goal, but rather a means of achieving other social and economic goals. AVCF is a financial approach and a set of financial instruments that can be applied for agricultural and agribusiness financing to facilitate increased financial access and lower agricultural costs and financing risks. Attend our Seminar and understand the value of AVCF and its impact on social economic sectors, development and increased consumer productions and merchandise in a country as a whole.

You will furthermore develop;

In-depth Understanding: Participants will gain a deep understanding of the concept of agricultural value chains, their importance, and the role of financing in optimizing their performance.

Enhanced Financing Skills: The training will provide participants with practical knowledge and tools to develop effective financing strategies tailored to the unique needs of agricultural value chains.

Strategic Planning: Participants will learn how to identify and leverage opportunities within agricultural value chains, devise growth strategies, and align financial resources to achieve sustainable outcomes.

Risk Management: The training will emphasize the identification, assessment, and mitigation of risks associated with agricultural value chains, enabling participants to make informed decisions to safeguard investments.

Design Considerations: Participants will explore the design principles and factors influencing the effective structuring of agricultural value chains, including stakeholder engagement, coordination mechanisms, and scalability.

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Workshop Benefits

  • Acquire a comprehensive understanding of agricultural value chains and their financing requirements.
  • Gain practical skills to develop effective financing strategies for agricultural value chains.
  • Be equipped to conduct value chain analysis and formulate growth strategies.
  • Understand how to identify and mitigate risks associated with agricultural value chains.
  • Possess knowledge of design principles for structuring efficient and scalable value chains.
  • Have the ability to apply the acquired knowledge through practical workshops and case studies.

Who should attend this Training?

Governments and donor agencies need to be fully knowledgeable in value chain finance mechanisms. This is important that they understand the benefits and risks involved in different financial instruments to various participants within the value chain and ensure that acceptable procedures are in place to permit and govern their application.

➢ Agribusiness Project Managers
➢ Donors CEO Personnel and or C-level Executives
➢ Financial Managers responsible for Agribusiness
➢ Agricultural commercial famers responsible for value chain finance.
➢ Financial institution and leaders in value chains
➢ Government officials responsible for Agribusiness and financial management
➢ Employees responsible for analysing Agricultural value chain finance

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