Agricultural Value Chain Financing Strategy and Design Master Class Summit

We extend this special invitation to you and your organization to attend this 5 day intensive practical workshop developed in partnership with several of our clients entitled  Agricultural Value Chain Financing, Strategy and Design Masterclass Summit, to take place at Sunnyside Park Hotel, Johannesburg Republic of South Africa on any of the following convenient dates:

26th – 30th  August 2024 At Sunnyside Park Hotel, Johannesburg Republic of South Africa (English)     

About the workshop

This 5 days masterclass seminar is designed to provide our delegates with a value added skill set and profound understanding of both internal and external Agricultural value chain financing (AVCF) strategy and design.

Agricultural value chain financing is contributing to the rise and meeting the growing needs for agricultural finance and investments in response to greater consumer demands in Africa. Agricultural value chain financing is now a prerequisite for more processed, amplified consumer supplies or value added merchandises. From a development perspective, governments and support agencies must ensure that the financial systems in their countries are able to meet these demands arising from the growth of modern agro-food value chains. Agricultural value chain financing (AVCF) is an approach to finance that is able to support and address these productions and ensure growth in the social and economic sectors.

GrowthLab and its partners PECB, Abilities Executive Training and Risk Science has mastered the skill set of AVCF and this 5 days’ workshop is going to transform and provide value added proficiency to all its delegates.

Workshop Benefits

The primary goal and advantage of attending this 5 days masterclass seminar, is to create or strengthen a competitive improvement, through analysing the five primary value chain activities that ensures the significance of its creation exceeds the cost to create that value. The five value chain activities we are going to focus on are operations, service, inbound logistics, and outbound logistics, marketing and sales. We take an in-depth focus on:

  • Internal value chain financing and lending techniques that works
  • External value chain financing, customizing processes and lending methods
  • Identifying the financing needed to strengthen the chain
  • Reducing financial transaction costs through the direct discounting of loan payments at the time of product sale, creating a methodology that works.
  • Modifying financial products to suit the needs of the participants in the chain
  • Using value chain linkages and knowledge of the chain to mitigate risks to the chain and its partners
  • Value chain characteristics
  • Value chain analysis
  • Value chain financing

Who should attend?

From international fund for agricultural development such as IFAD, CFC Agencies, Government institutions, AgriBanks, Major Corporations, Universities, Colleges, Trade Unions, Political Parties, and NGOs etc.;

  • Agribusiness Project Managers
  • Financial Managers responsible for Agribusiness
  • Financial institution and leaders in value chains
  • Government officials responsible for Agribusiness and financial management
  • Grant Donor CEO Personnel and or C-level Executives
  • Agribusiness Senior Consultants and Managers
  • Agricultural commercial farmers responsible for value chain finance.
  • Employees responsible for analysing Agricultural value chain financing

Register now for a special discount!

Event Option : 1
5 days summit = USD 3,550.00 per delegate include 6 nights bed & breakfast, round trip airport transfer, tour to the Nelson Mandela House in Soweto, and other locations, lunch, conference documentation and limited refreshments.

Events options : 2
5 days summit = USD 2,500.00 include, conference documentation, tour to the Nelson Mandela House in Soweto, and other locations, lunch and limited refreshments.